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2020 (1-3 February) – Preservation Rhinoplasty International Congress-2nd edition – Nice France

2020 (30 January-1 February) – Paris- IMCAS World Congress

2020 (10-11 January) Cadaver Course – Budapest

2019 (04-07 December) – 1th Comprehensive International Rhnoplasty Course – Riyadh

2019 (14-18 November) – Learning Preservation Rhinoplasty 2019 – Newport

2019 (07-09 November) – Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP) – Madrid

2019 (30 October-5 November) – Afrika SORSSA Congress 2019

2019 (24-27 October) – Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty and Facial Contouring – Saint Petersburg Rusya

2019 (1-7 October) – XXV Dewe’s Rhinoplasty Workshop

2019 (18-19 September ) – Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery – Amsterdam

2019 (12-14 September ) – Rome Preservation Rhinoplasty – Roma

2019 (14-16 June) – Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop 2019 – Istanbul

2019 (14-20 May) – 16th Asan Rhinoplasty Syposium ARS – Kore

2019 (26 – 28 April) Facial Plastic Program, MEOTO – Dubai

2019 (2 – 7 April) AAFPRS Advances in Rhinoplasty – Orlando

2019 (7 – 9 March) Bergamo to Istanbul – Rhinoplasty Live Surgery Meeting  Istanbul – Turkey

2019 (2nd -4th February) Preservation Rhinoplasty International Meeting in NICE – France

2019 (12TH JANUARY) NEW HORIZONS IN RHINOPLASTY – Piezo workshop and Let Down Technique for hump reduction- ​ST GEORGE’S HOSPITAL, LONDON – UK

2018 (12-15 December) 10th Rhinoplasty course in King Saud University – Riyadh

2018 (6-8 December) Turkish Facial Plastic Surgery Society 12th National Metting – Adana – Turkey

2018 (22- 24  November) 2nd Rhinoplasty Hands-on Surgical Course | Advanced Module – Porto

2018 (29 November – 01 December ) Preservation Istanbul Rhinoplasty Course – Istanbul – Turkey

2018 (07-11 November 2018) 40. Türk Ulusal Kulak Burun Boğaz ve Baş Boyun Cerrahisi Kongresi – Antalya Turkey

2018 (29-31 October 2018) 2nd International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies (IMRHIS) – 2018 “Where the Rhinoplasty Worlds Converge” – Miami Beach.USA

2018 (3-5 October) Isfahan Symposium – Isfahan

2018 (6-8 September) FOURTH MULTIDISCIPLINARY SYMPOSIUM On Functional and Aesthetic Rhinoplasty –Sydney

2018 (August 31-September 2) Baku Rhinoplasty Days – Baku

2018 (6-8 July) 12th International Caucasion Congress on Plastic Surgery & Dermatology – Tbilisi

2018 (13-16th June) MAD-RHINOPLASTY 2018 – Madrid – Spain

2018 (1-2 June) 31st SOFCEP Congress – Lyon – Spain


2018 (April 17-20) International Erlangen Course in Facial Plastic Surgery – Erlangen, Germany

2018 (April 13-14) Advanced aesthetic Face Breast and Body Contouring – St. Petersburg

2018 (April 7-8) Anatomy&Surgical / Non-Surgical Technics for Rhinoplasty and Aging Face on Biomaterial EAFPS – Izmir, TURKEY

2018 (14-17th March) 6th Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty – Bergamo – Italy

2018 (15-16th January) Cadaver Course\Surgical Rhinoplasty – Kazan – Russia

2017 (25-30  June) Lecture given at AMRSE 6th Annual Meeting Of The Rhinoplasty Society Of Europe –  Russia

2017 (11-14 July) Lecture given at 4th Shiraz Rhinology International Course (SRIC) –  Iran

2017 Bulgarian Rhinologic Society 6th Bulgarian-Italian Rhinology Friendship Meeting – Sofia – Bulgaria

2017 Karma Rinoplasti – Istanbul – Turkey

2017 39.Türk Ulusal Kulak Burun Boğaz ve Baş Boyun Cerrahisi Kongresi – Antalya – Turkey

2017 Advanced Blefaroplasty, Mid-face and Face Contouring – Saint-Petersburg – Rusya

2017 4th Congress of European ORL-HNS – Barcelona

2017 Facial Plastic Surgery Annual – Lisbon – Portugal

2017 15th Rhino Workshop – Kassel – Germany

2017 Dissection Course – Hamburg – Germany

2017 Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop – Permanent Chairman – Istanbul

2017 The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  AAFPRS ‘’Advances in Rhinoplasty’’ – in  Faculty – Chicago

2017 Cleveland Clinic ‘’Physician Continuing Medical Education Certificate’’ Annual Middle East Update in Otolaryngology Conference – in  Faculty – Dubai

2017 Turkish Ear, Nose, Throat, and Neck Surgery Foundation ‘’2nd Spring Meeting’’ – in  Faculty – Antalya

2017 Modern Rhinoplasty: Effective Techniques And Innovations – ST.Petersburg

2017 Nasal Advanced Systems Of Airflow Lab ‘’Functional Rhinoplasty  And Aesthetics Course’’ – Madrid

2017 Independent Rhinoplasty Research Society ‘’ 6th Rhinoplasty Workshop’’ – California

2016 21st International Symposium on XXI Century Plastic Surgery, – Buenos Aires

2016 38. Turkish National Congress of Otorhinolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery, – Antalya

2016 MD Codes Equations: Visionary Program, – Istanbul

2016 European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Annual Conference EAFPS ‘’Continuing Professional Development’’ , London

2016 International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies (IMRHIS) , Paris

2016 The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) ‘’Cutting Edge in Rio’’ , Rio

2016 Intercontinental Rhinoplasty ‘’Highlights of Functional and Esthetic Rhinoplastic Surgery’’ Izmir

2016 XXVIII SOFCEP  Congress, Bordeaux

2016 Turkish Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Foundation ” Innovative Approaches in Rhinoplasty – I ”

2015 IMCAS Paris, in Faculty

2015 Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop, in Faculty

2015 AAFPRS Advanced Rhinoplasty, Chicago

2015 International Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

2015 ECAMS European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery ‘’Blepharoplasty’’ Manchester

2015 German-Turkish Plastic Surgeons Union ‘’2nd International Video Symposium in Plastic Surgery, Berlin

2015 The 3rd International Live Surgery & Injections Course ‘’Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty and Facial Contouring, St. Petersburg

2013 Aesthetic and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty , Milano Masterclass, Milano in Faculty

2013 36th Annual Meeting of the EAFPRS held in Oslo, Norway, in Faculty

2013 14th World Congress of Fhilippinesociety for cosmetic surgery Manila, in Faculty

2013 Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium New York,

2013 Eurasian Istanbul Advance Rhinoplasty Course, in Faculty

2013 Annual Meeting of Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, in Faculty

2012 7.International Nose and Face World Congress,Rome , in Faculty

2012 Cuting Edge Rhinoplasty, New York

2012 Nose&Face World Rome VII International Congress Rome, in Faculty

2011 American Academy of  Facial Plastic Surgery Advances in Rhinoplasty , Chicago

2011 Aesthetic and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty , Milano Masterclass, Milano

2011 1st Congress of CEORL-HNS ‘’A modern concept in CSF Diagnosis and Dura Repair Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation,Barcelona

2011 CEORL-HNS Congress, Barcelona, in Faculty

2010 American Academy of  Facial Plastic Surgery International Symposium, Hollywood

2009 American Academy of  Facial Plastic Surgery Meeting, San Diego

2009 PREnet Nutrition-Dietary counseling and lifestyle consulting, Istanbul

2008 Recent Developments in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery – II, Izmir

2008 Open Rhinoplasty Course, Bergamo

2008 22nd Congress of European Rhinologic Society and 27th International Symposium of Infection & Allergy of the Nose,Greece

2007 Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland. Prof. Bahman Guyuron Observership  in Facial Plastic Field

2007 Baloon Sinuplasty certified

2007 Case Western Reserve University, Prof Bahman Guyuron Surgical Treatment of Migraine Headaches Certified, Cleveland

2007 American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Advances in Rhinoplasty , Boston Meeting

2007 European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery 2nd Rhinocamp, EAFPS Facial Plastic Surgery Course, Bodrum,Turkey

2007 Biennial International ‘’Milano Masterclass’’ Rhinoplasty & Pearls of Facial Plastic Surgery, Milano

2007 Acclarent Evolve Professional Education Program ‘’Evolve course’’ Illinois

2006 ENT Days Adenoid and Tonsil Diseases,  Uludağ

2006 2nd National Rhinology Congress, Istanbul

2006 Aesthetic Surgery of The Face-Principles of the  Facial Surgery Hands on Human Cadaver  Course Vienna Medical University, Vienna

2006 The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Meeting, Ireland

2006 AAFPRS 9th International Symposium  of Facial Plastic Surgery, Las Vegas

2005 EAFPS Annual Conference ‘’Long Term Results in Nasal & Facial Plastic Surgery, Florence

2005 3. Turkish Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Foundation Academy Meeting, Izmir

2005 7. Allergic Rhinitis Training Meeting, Istanbul

2005 International Conference Series in Otolaryngology VI  Recent Advances in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery, İzmir

2005 28. Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Congress, Antalya

2004 6th National Sleep and Disabilities Congress, Izmir

2004 Septorhinoplasty Course in collaboration with ERS, EAFPS and AAFPRS, Istanbul

2004 II. Harward Applications in Otorhinolaryngology

2004 Center of Anatomy and Cell Biology of Vienna Medical University Facial Plastic Surgery Course Certified

2003 Turkish Ear Nose Throat and Head Neck Surgery Foundation 27th National Congress, Antalya

2003 Turkish Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Foundation 1st Academy Meeting, Istanbul

2003 XXVII. Turkish National Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Congress, Antalya

2002 Uludağ 2002  ENT Days Otitis Media-Today. Bursa

2002 Series of International Conferences in ENT – V ” Functional and Plastic Nose Surgery-II, Izmir

2002 Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Society 5th International Meeting ‘’Course of Vertigo’’ Ankara

2002 Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Society 5th International Meeting ‘’ Rhinoplasty Course’’ Ankara

2001 26th Turkish Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Congress, Antalya

2001 II. Palandöken K.B.B Symposium ” Innovations in Rinology ” Erzurum

2001 1. Joint Meeting of Turkish-Greek Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery Societies, Antalya

2001 1. Cochlear Implantation and Neuro-Otology Symposium

2000 Uludağ 2000 ENT Days  Otorhinolaryngologic  Allergy, Bursa

2000 IX. National Allergy and Clinical Immunology Congress, Antalya

2000 Istanbul Surgical Hospital ” Snoring and Sleep Apnea Meeting ”

2000 2. Congress of Allergic Diseases in Ear-Nose-Throat, Izmir

2000 Ankara Ear-Nose-Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Society Otorhinolaryngology & Head-Neck Surgery Society, Ankara

2000 XIX Congress of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical İmmunology, Portugal

1999 I. Palandöken ENT Symposium Innovations in Otitis Media Therapy, Erzurum

1999 Functional Endoscopic Surgical Surgery Applied Course, Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine ENT

1999 The ‘’Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course’’  International Hospital, Istanbul

1999 Turkish Otorhinolarengology and Head and Neck Surgery Society 25th National Turkish Otorhinolarengology and Head and Neck Surgery Congress, Izmir

1998 the Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course – International Hospital, İstanbul

1998 International Symposium on Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery : The Recent Advances, Techniques and live Cadaver Dissection, İstanbul University Faculty of Medicine

1998 V.Vakıf Gureba Medical Congress, Istanbul

1998 VIII. National Allergy and Clinical Immunology Congress, Kuşadası

1998 The Seminar Far Digital Hearing Aids by Oticon

1998 Recent Developments Symposium at Ear Nose Throat Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Istanbul

1997 24. National Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Congress, Antalya

1997 Turkish-Italian Laryngology Congress, Antalya

1997 Traditional IV. Haseki ENT Days – Innovations and Developments Meeting at ENT

1996 Harward Applications in Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery, İstanbul

1996 3rd Congress of the European Federation of Otorhinolaryngological Societies (EUFOS), Budapest

1995 Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Department, ” Cholesteatom  Symposium ” Ankara

1995 Workshop on Advances in Otoneurologic and Otologic Surgery Bayındır Medical Center, Ankara

1993-1997 Goztepe Educational Hospital Residency Training in ENT

1987-1993 Istanbul Medical Faculty

Op. Dr.
Abdülkadir Göksel

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Aussagen unserer Patienten
Aussagen unserer Patienten
Mit Beschwerden der Atmung und Migräne waren der Grund mich an Dr. Goksel zu wenden. Nun kann ich ich beschwerdefrei Atmen und habe keine Migräne mehr. Vielen Dank!

Tuğçe M.
Ich habe bei einer Nasenoperation vor 2 Jahren eine schlechte Erfahrung gemacht. Dr Goksel hat das mit Erfahrung und talentierten Händen wieder in Ordnung gebracht. Meine Nase ist nun geheilt und passt perfekt zu meinem Gesicht. Ich danke Ihm sehr.

Ozge Kiray Yigit
Vor 2,5 Jahren hat Herr Abdulkadir Goksel eine Kosmetische Korrektur der Nasennebenhöhlen an meiner Nase vorgenommen. ich hatte große Schwierigkeiten mit meinen chronischen Nasennebenhöhlenproblem. Im Augenblick lebe ich Beschwerdefrei, Ich danke Ihnen sehr.

Seyma Sagiroglu
Ich würde mir sehr wünschen er wäre derjenige gewesen der meine erste Operation durchgeführt hat. Ich danke ihnen sehr Dr. Goksel, Ich liebe Sie für meine wunderhübsche Nase.

Ecehan Bazlar

Sanale Nasenoperation Profilbild (von der Seite aufgenommen)

Senden Sie uns ein Foto, auf dem Ihre Nase deutlich zu sehen ist, wir arbeiten daran Ihnen Dr. Goksels Vorstellung einer harmonisch zu Ihrem Gesicht passenden Nasenform als Simulation zukommen zu lassen. Dies ist selbstverständlich unverbindlich und auch kostenlos.

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